It's not just about HubSpot… though we love HubSpot

The group was created to help foster the sharing of best practices and application of inbound marketing tactics, to support the success of local & regional businesses.… and also to keep folks informed about HubSpot updates and tools.
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I like you. Let's hang out every other month.

The #NoCoHUG group will meet in person on the 2nd Tuesday every other month for a combination of informal networking, content and education sharing and a bit of fun.
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Location. Location. Location. and Beer.

While some gatherings will be at the leaders' home base at One Tribe Creative in Old Town Fort Collins, we'll hold at least every other meet up at other fun locations to encourage marketers in different parts of the area to join.
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What's an event without free swag? (a bad event)

Our friends at HubSpot are generous with fun, helpful giveaways that we'll give away to you! In addition to some informal networking and an informative presentation, we'll always have a little bit o' food, drinks, and HubSpot swag to share.
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Participant participation preferred, please

We are looking for members that will attend our bi-monthly meetings and be active participants in-between meetings in our online LinkedIn group discussions. We welcome folks that will share their digital marketing or HubSpot knowledge and will ask/answers questions in order to get help.
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Join our LinkedIn Group for updates

While we will post our upcoming events on this website, we will be using our [fa icon="linkedin-square"] LinkedIn page [fa icon="linkedin-square"] as the primary place to exchange ideas, pose questions, and support each other in-between meetings. Please connect with us there to join our active community.

Recent #NoCoHUG News

Marketing can be kind and honest and heartfelt, and should really be about helping people. It's not about the hard sell. It's not about "pushing" a product/service on somebody that they don't want. It's all about storytelling – helping people explain their product or service in the clearest way so their target customer can find them. So it's really just matchmaking. Making both company & consumer happy because you help them find each other.

Jaime Whitlock Donnelly One Tribe Creative - Marketing Director

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Jaime Whitlock Donnelly

Marketing isn't about throwing content out into the world and hoping it resonates with people. We can plan, test and track our strategies to understand what is working and identify the changes that need to be made. It is the perfect combination of creativity and problem solving…and that's why we love it, right?


Nichole Sellden One Tribe Creative - Marketing Associate

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Nichole Sellden